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The Journey to Grow my Hair

15 Jun The Journey to Grow my Hair

thAs a woman not a hairstylist you go through times in your life where you just don’t think straight.  You make irrational decisions on something that A) is annoying you B) you have a million things on the go and just do whatever comes to mind.

I had that time in my life 3 years ago.  We had opened the salon my husband and I just had a baby  I literally got married on a Saturday and went into work on the Tuesday and said CUT IT ALLOFF! Yes you guessed it I cut all my beautiful long hair into a BOB!  Now there is nothing wrong with a bob they are beautiful cuts. The irrational decision to do it was my hormones, not sleeping and the stress of running the business broke me down. As a hairstylist I should have known my hair had changed from the pregnancy.  It was frizzy unruly being long, so short what the hell was I thinking! It was a fro and I had to work to style it and the point of cutting it was to make it easier. That’s where I was thinking out of my ass.  There began my journey.

Most women who want to grow there hair think “I better not cut it for 3 years to get it where I want it to be.” Then there are others who still listen to the crock that if you cut it it grows faster.  How do you think that makes sense? Your hair grows out of your head not from the bottom up.  So I decided I would keep trimming it to keep it strong on the ends which is the real reason to trim it to grow it. Split ends split and make your hair weak and you end up with really stringy ends that don’t get any longer.

At this point my journey took a detour when I really got sick of the colour. Oh boy did I just change my mind again?  So on top of the awkward stage growing out I decided I was bored with the colour can’t change the cut so lets spice me up. Slowly I started going lighter. Then I had a not so great experience on my blonde and a flat iron.  Yes hot tools can hinder your hair growth. Not because it grows slower (haha) it actually melts your hair with over use or if your hair is sensitive hence my blonde pieces felt like crap.  In the past you would have had to cut that right off there is no helping that.  Now we have Olaplex. THANK GOD FOR OLAPLEX! I kept that up and continued with my moisturizing treatments and my hair was feeling like a million bucks.  So this is what I learned  through my journey and through the journey of hundreds of women who I have tried to guide to grow their hair…..

  1. Cutting it keeps the ends strong and the shape in tact
  2. Regular Olaplex treatments keeps the hair strong to be able to spice up your colour up when you get bored while you are patient with the growth process
  3. Heat can melt your hair so protect it either with products or turn the heat down.
  4. It takes at least 2 years to grow out a BOB to have long hair , yes 2 years! Patients is key
  5. Taking hair vitamins can make your hair fuller and stronger which in turn help the growth
  6. Using the proper hair products that your stylist or colourist recommend insures the process will continue at home.
  7. Putting the time at home with a routine to take care of your hair will pay off

Follow these steps and I promise you your hair will be in the best condition of your life.

“if you care for it, it will grow”