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Salon Estilo and our Team

29 Nov Salon Estilo and our Team

Tehseen and I are the Senior staff and owners of Salon Estilo.  We have been in the industry for over 30 years combined.  Working together I have to say is a dream come true.  We met at Fiorio a huge upscale salon chain , our location had about 35 staff members.  8 Years ago Tehseen left and always told me to call her whenever I wanted to leave so we could ride into the sunset as business partners.  5 Years ago I had enough of not having control of my surroundings and didn’t want to loose the love of the industry. So I called Tehseen and within 3 months we had a company name a location and a plan for a positive salon that we had the control over the atmosphere. We hired Jas first then hired Melinda.  We hired them right when they were done school and have had the privilege in seeing them learn from us and learn from themselves.  They have grown as people and as stylists.  Being a salon owner I knew it took a lot of work and determination but the best part of it is seeing your staff grow in a positive way.  Our team helps each other, don’t get me wrong you can step on each others toes spending long amounts of time with anyone there will be some moments where you could pinch them but I have to say there a few of those and the recovery time from the pinch is very short. All in all our team is willing to grow and learn from each other to continue great success.  We also have a new addition to our team Ashley who helps us out on Saturdays.  She has a background working with Tehseen and I at Fiorio.  We hope her training with us will bring her back to our industry as a stylist.

Our Team and how we interact, how we help each other is important to Tehseen and I.  It creates the flow of the salon and the vibe.  We want the feeling when you walk into our salon as welcoming, fun and free of tension and negative vibes.  We are always learning and striving for better from ourselves and our Team.  In April we will continue our education but not with hair skills but with business skills to bring our clients the best experience we can.  Our whole team will go all the way to Orlando, Florida to spend 3 extensive days in a business camp for salon professionals.  We will never stop striving to give our clients the best of ourselves.  We hope you see that in our service and in our work.