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Ombre vs Balayage

20 Sep Ombre vs Balayage

The most asked for colour nowadays is Balayage. Most clients will come asking for BIOLAGE or BLOLAGE.  OK PEOPLE its called BALL- E -AWGE.  Funniest thing is listening to every different version of the word.

The next thing they ask is what the difference is between Balayage and Ombre. Simply Ombre is a look and Balayage is a technique.

Balayage was popular in Paris in the 1970’s and 80’s, its not a new trend its actually a classic.  The technique is a freehand hilight that is mostly used to create dimension, movement and natural affect. Combining it with many other techniques can create Ombre, which is more contrasting.

Creating a hype around new techniques is what the industry does to get people talking and wanting new looks. Ombre started a long line of techniques like foiliage, sombre, ecaille and a lot of others.  In the end the techniques are similar in application , they may vary a little but the looks will just give you more roots less roots vary the tones and contrast. Now done properly by a well trained professional it will be beautiful. Being done by some one who hasn’t been trained can go very very badly.

Balayage is Beautiful can be bright but more often subtle and dimensional. You can give movement to every colour, tone and hair type.  Doing research on who will be doing your Balayage is important you don’t want to walk out looking like you had dip dye done to your ends and having lines everywhere. Try checking out social media for what your stylist has done before so you know what other clients have had.  Bringing pictures of what attracts you and how contrasting you want your colour to be is super helpful.

Going in to the salon expecting miracles is not realistic and puts pressure on your hairstylist not to achieve what you want.  A well trained professional will tell you if it can be achieved.  Our priority in our salon is for our clients to get what they want but not at the sake of ruining their hair to get to that point.  There are things we use to help the integrity of the hair but those products are not a magic wand.  Doing a consultation and showing pictures is a great way to set goals for your hair and helps the stylist visualize what you would like.  Certain Balayage or Ombre looks take time and investment to achieve, so always go in knowing that and you’ll be happy every time.

The investment of these looks can be a lot when you start off but the maintenance of it is so low that its totally worth the time and money. Unless you have grey hair to cover you will only  be getting it done 1-2 a year.

Balayage is Timeless and will continue to be a staple in women’s haircolour for years to come.