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Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran

16 Jun Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran







Tehseen and I have had our instagram account for 4 Years now, I (Daniela) pretty much am obsessed with it.  What an amazing way to see what is in trend and who is who in hair colour and cut in the celebrity world.  I have been in the industry for 15 years and before you had to follow magazines and see if their stylists were mentioned or you had to look it up online. NOW wow everyone tags everyone.  So there began my obsession. I follow everyone who is a celebrity stylist.  I constantly add whenever I see a celebrity tag their glam team.  We started following the owners of Ramirez Tran salon in Beverly Hills a few years ago and I’ve loved their work.  Their philosophy makes them even more amazing. They have Trade marked “lived in hair” they believe your cut or colour looks the best 2 weeks after so they want you to have that feeling right after you leave, like you’ve lived in it already. Great concept so how do they do it? We had the awesome opportunity to take a class with them.  This was their very first class. Thank goodness they posted something on Instagram and one of our reps knows how I feel about education and let me know they were coming to T.O. OMG I totally jumped at the chance.

Both Tehseen and I are firm believers in educating yourself with different people and different styles totally makes you evolve as a hairstylist. So we took the plunge.

One of the Best classes we’ve  taken. Trust me between the 2 of us we are very well educated.  I have enough certificates to wall paper one of our walls at the salon, not to show off but to say that we would know a good class when we had one.  This was different, they weren’t coached by the colour line, they didn’t have to watch what they said because it wasn’t the theory of colour or cut.  It was raw they were real.  They shared their journey with us that they’ve had in the Industry, they also were so approachable when you wanted to go up to them and ask questions which I did , I received good advice from Johnny who is also a colour tech like me.  He was very humble and very easy to ask questions to. Anh Co was awesome too, Tehseen has already started using his technique and was so impressed that at any age you can be successful. They started at a later age and built their salon over the last 10 years.  He was an educator for Tony and Guy who Tehseen has done classes with so what a great treat to have someone show something new and exciting. Anh Co and Johnny seem to share our vision of a salon as a team and stressed the importance of it.  Our class was like 7 hours long and literally it took like 5.5 hours to do this girls colour with 2-3 assistants on her. The amount of time it takes for those looks clients can’t imagine and the cost.  Most of us achieve those looks in 2-3 sessions he does them in one day, obviously with a hefty bill from what we charge but they were incredible and beautiful and not fried to crap he didn’t even use olaplex my beloved product lol. We were completely inspired and if they ever decide to come back we may have to take the class again !  All around amazing inspiring experience and can’t wait to try something I learned! Who’s  gonna be my test subject??? MUAAAHHHHHHHH.