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Hard Water Woes

15 Jun Hard Water Woes

imagesMost of our clients live here in Georgetown and know the struggles of hard water. Most homes have water softeners or treatment systems to help with this issue. What most people don’t realize is those systems can only do so much depending how hard the water is. If your hair is always dry or brittle, hair colour doesn’t stay or even changes colour (green, ashey, orange, yellow ) It could be due to a build up of multiple minerals like iron, copper, calcium and magnesium to name a few. Chlorine is what they use to disinfect the water it can also take a toll on your hair. So what should you do? what can we do to get rid of this build up? There are products out there now that can target these issues. Malibu C is the one we found to be the most affective. It’s a Vegan line that has a great website that goes in depth about all these water issues. We carry the shampoo and conditioner for home care and do hard water or swimmers build up treatments in salon. WOW have we found a huge difference in shine, body and colour for our clients. It’s so important to keep that build up to a minimum to keep you hair healthy and strong. For more info on hard water check out Malibu C