Daniela Soria, Author at Salon Estilo
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Author: Daniela Soria

29 Nov Salon Estilo and our Team

Tehseen and I are the Senior staff and owners of Salon Estilo.  We have been in the industry for over 30 years combined.  Working together I have to say is a dream come true.  We met at Fiorio a huge upscale salon chain , our...

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18 Oct Blowdries for Boobs

  This month is Breast Cancer awareness month.  I googled to find statistics and was astonished by the amount of people affected by this. 1 in 9 Canadian women will be affected by Breast Cancer in their lifetime. It's estimated 220 men which I never realized...

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20 Sep Ombre vs Balayage

The most asked for colour nowadays is Balayage. Most clients will come asking for BIOLAGE or BLOLAGE.  OK PEOPLE its called BALL- E -AWGE.  Funniest thing is listening to every different version of the word. The next thing they ask is what the difference is between...

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16 Jun Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran

          Tehseen and I have had our instagram account for 4 Years now, I (Daniela) pretty much am obsessed with it.  What an amazing way to see what is in trend and who is who in hair colour and cut in the celebrity world.  I have...

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15 Jun The Journey to Grow my Hair

As a woman not a hairstylist you go through times in your life where you just don't think straight.  You make irrational decisions on something that A) is annoying you B) you have a million things on the go and just do whatever comes to...

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15 Jun Wednesdays Baby!

Offering a new needed service to moms! Mom’s can bring their bundles of joy with them. We have a playpen/bassinet, a swing, and change table. We have a comfortable couch or even chairs if you need to Breastfeed or feed your baby by bottle. Your little one can be comfortable...

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15 Jun Hard Water Woes

Most of our clients live here in Georgetown and know the struggles of hard water. Most homes have water softeners or treatment systems to help with this issue. What most people don’t realize is those systems can only do so much depending how hard the...

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15 Jun The New Revolution of Hair!

      OLAPLEX is one of the hottest new things in the hair industry. It has really changed the way we can colour hair and brought the industry to a whole other level. Let’s see how it works……. We all have bonds that are in our hair structure. Every...

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